Multiusos de Gondomar

Av. Multiusos

4420-230 S. Cosme


One of the oldest cities of europe, Porto is now the new design powerhouse. World heritage proclaimed by unesco and home of two pritzker winners ( arch. Álvaro Siza Vieira and arch. Eduardo Souto Moura), Porto has amid its many wonders an open air museum.

A vast stage for national and international creative minds, in its 41,66 km2 area easily you will find yourself surrounded by great architectural works or find in any corner an inspiring building. Right in the heart of the city the landmark that is the Torre dos Clérigos developed by Nicolau Nasoni, close by you will be able to experience the Maria Pia bridge a work born from the partnership between the two great minds of Teófilo Seyrig and Gustave Eiffel, in between architecture and engineering you will find the gem that is Casa da Música a masterpiece by the renown Dutch Architect, Rem Koolhaas. Azulejos (tiles), considered by most an heritage in Portuguese Culture, can be uncover by the eyes of the most curiosos and if you have the pleasure to arrive by train at São Bento station prepared to be mesmerized by one of the many best kept architectural secrets in Portugal. Bathed by the Douro River, the magic and mystic of this place is unquestionable. The river bathes the shores of the old city and at the same time is the birthplace of the many vineyards where grapes come from to produce the Iconic Porto wine.

You can visit the caves and experience the history and the variety of wines produced in the city. Most recently the city hosts the Red Bull air race. From architecture to arts and music, Porto is now the place most favorable by startups to grow and an entrepreneurship hub, where you can combine the busy working life with the joy of its maritime weather combine with the tasty and traditional food. If you take this menu into consideration plus the genuine and welcoming people that make this city so warm and welcoming, the 'Best European Destination' was a well win prize in the past year. Now, all eyes on Porto! Rich in culture, people and heritage, we want to empower a debate not only in the city itself but also in the world. This debate will be focused on enhancing and extending Design and Craftsmanship and discuss the role and reinforcement of our role in all of this. The first edition of the Luxury, Design and Craftsmanship Summit will take place in Gondomar, Porto district.



Rich in history and traditions of crafts, arts and wine, Gondomar is known
as the golden county.

Its corporate image is easily recognised by the beautiful stylized image of a filigree pattern. Where knowledge is passed through generations to ensure this legacy is kept alive, crafts are considered the roots of this community that pledge to be the Portuguese Jewellery Capital. Gondomar richness goes beyond arts and crafts, with amazing natural scenarios and beaches bathed by Douro River, elegant and beautifully designed villas along the riverside that are a trademark of the Porto district.

Here lays the background and setting for the first edition of the Luxury, Design and Craftsmanship Summit. The magic will take place on a special building developed by the Pritzker winner Siza Vieira - Pavilhão Multiusos is known as The Golden Heart Pavilion, in homage to one of the most iconic filigree jewellery pieces, used traditional by the women, which is the heart shaped design.


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