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The role of the master artisan, of the artisans, is key, they are the ones to are working on, they are the hands on, they are the ones to achieving excellence and through generations improving that excellence, bringing innovation with a profound
respect for tradition.

Nicole Segundo - Network Developer for Portugal at Michelangelo Foundation

Here in Portugal, we have to cherish our goldsmith artist, our craftsmen, to embarace their products. We have to tell their stories, to explain how explain how the jewels are built in order to make the jewelry business great.

Fátima Santos - General secretary of AORP

It's very important to keep the history, the history of our ancestors.

Luís Onofre - CEO & Designer of Luís Onofre Shoes & Accessories

These handmade processes are fascinating, and if we walk by and see the artisans working, we get infinite ideas and it can lead us to so many
paths of interpretation.

Luis Sanchez - Founder & Fashion Designer of Storytailors

To bring the artisan from behind the stage to the front and I think that is really such an important step and it gives them the feeling of recognition and I think that there is also going to be very inspiring for
the younger generations.

Nicole Segundo - Network Developer for Portugal at Michelangelo Foundation

An artisan is an ideal partner to create a dialogue. For me, any project is a dialogue, it’s a premise to communicate with several people and move
forward, working in collaboration.

Toni Grilo - Product Designer

The artisan’s role is to convey all of the knowledge, and wisdom, the cleverness that is behind the hands and the tools.

Marco Costa - CEO & Head Designer of Boca do Lobo

I call artisans the main actors, there are no luxury products without these minds
or hands with intelligence.

Amândio Pereira - CEO & Founder of Covet Group

For those who want to learn, our door is opened, I’ll do everything in my power to teach you what I know. If the person is interested in marquetry,
certainly they will learn.

Cosme Ferreira – Marquetry

I believe that our youth shouldn’t let something like this die, because it is
truly beautiful.

Olga Bandeira - Filigree

This is known for years and years, a lot of people have these centenaries rugs, and they know how to value what’s good.

Paula Ramalho - Arraiolos

The person has to have a lot of dedication for it, to really enjoy the art form but also have a lot of knowledge emanated from colleagues who already departed. We are following the
footsteps of these teachers.

Fernando Real - Carving

My art is a very beautiful art, one has to have very crafty hands to do this, there has to be interested and to do proper pieces,
as it should be.

José Sousa – Gilding




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